Signs That He Only Wants Sex With You

If you intent to find a partner on a gay dating app, then you certainly do not want to meet a guy who only wants to have sex with you. Even if gay dating seems like a short-term relationship to most guys, you have to figure out the purpose of your potential date. But it is actually the most difficult thing for guys on gay hookup apps. Even sometimes, you are not very clearly about what you are looking for on a gay chat app. So, how can you tell if that guy you are chatting with online just wants to hook up or wants to actually date you? Let’s take a look at those signs that may show you the evidence that what they are looking for with you.

1. He tells you directly that he wants to find a sex partner. When you meet someone online and he includes such information in his profile or he tells you directly that he only wants to have sex with you, then you know what to do. Don’t be silly to fall in love with this kind of guy even they are good-looking or attractive. You know what you are looking for and you should stick on that original purpose. Or you will be trapped and never have the chance to get out. In this case, you can also add content in your profile about your requirements and your expectations.  
2. He doesn’t bother to know more about you. Normally, when a gay man wants to find a life partner on gay apps, he will try to get to know that person to see whether he is perfect for him. They may ask about your interests, hobbies, background or other basic information about you. Only those men who only want to hookup and find a sex partner will never spend time knowing the one they meet online.    

3. He disappears without no reasons. It really sucks when you meet someone on a gay dating app and have chatted with him for a while, then you suddenly lose all contacts from him. It seems like you haven’t met this guy. Every guy knows how rude it can be and they would never do that to the potential dates that they are really interested in. When the one you are chatting with disappears, which only means that he is not really like you.  

4. He calls or texts only for sex. When someone is really interested in you, he will care more about you. Most of the time, they just need companionship. When you and your partner finally make it happen in the real world, you are so happy about it. But if you notice that every time he calls you is only for sex, you should know that it is obvious that he is dating you for sex only.