How To Avoid Being Ghosted for Gay Men

If you have been on this gay dating scene for a while, then you definitely have been ghosted by other gay men. They are someone that you meet on a gay dating app and they seem nice and friendly. You think you have had a great first date. But when you try to contact those guys, they just disappear from your world. You cannot find him via phone calls, texts or even on the gay hookup apps. It is absolutely one of the most disappointing things for a gay man when he trying to find someone for a long term relationship. So, if you want to avoid being ghosted, you can try those tips below. Maybe it can help you.

Make your first date simple
Most of the time, you will plan your first date in a restaurant for a great dinner. You think it is a good chance to talk about things over the dinner table. However, a dinner will make your first date complicated and long, which will make both of you feel bored and exhausted in the end. The best first date place should be a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, where you can get a private place with your partner. And at the same time, you can make your first date simple and quick.

Don’t wait for him to text you
If you like someone, you should be the one to initiate a conversation. It also applies to your gay dating. If you think you are interested in this guy after the first date, then you can text him or send a message to him on your gay chat app to see whether he is interested in meeting you again. Don’t wait for days for him to send a message to you first because it will increase the chance for him to disappear if he finds someone new online. Usually, if he is interested in you at first, he will be glad to hear from you. But it doesn’t mean that as long as you send the first message he will be there for you. At least, you have tried.

Show him that you won’t always be there for him
When talking about things at the first gay date, you will have more chance to talk about your life. Make sure that you don’t describe your life to be miserable and sad. It is not a good idea to make him feel sorry about your own life because he may not want to walk into a life like this. Just talk about your vacation with your friends and your work that you are trying to promote.